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I die trying just to keep myself from kissing you

I'm so pissed!!! fucking warped in SF is sold out!!! It's a good thing there is one in SAC!!! I was so pissed when I found out. Maybe it was all a mistake. i'm hoping for it anyways.

So I finally gave back the dvd yesterday. I feel alot better about it. wait no I gave it back on tuesday. anyways...I feel better cause I don't have that on my conscience or anything from him.

I saw Sin City on Sunday. Fucking loved it. I'm not usually into things like that but I loved it.

I fucking miss Scott!! It sucks cause I won't see him for a while.

We have a new salesperson at my job and he's mighty nice to look at. i'm looking forward to the days I work with him. = )

Oh and I seriously want to beat some guys up. They are fucktards and they piss me off

I fucking gained 5 pounds!!! no!! i've been trying to lose it! that's it...i'm starving! j/k but that is what I really should be doing!! urgh it's just so frustrating.

getting paid next week. gonna get courtney's bday present. yay!

ok it's like 4 am!!! fuck I should be sleeping.
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