Prncess220 (prncess220) wrote,

I swear to god I get more EMO every fucking day

So for some reason I decided to think about emo boy. I know i'll never get anything from him and yet I keep fucking liking the bastard. I have issues.

Work tomorrow. I am not excited. no reason to be. Although I kinda feel like a fool cause of waking him up on friday night. oops. guess we all do stupid shit when we are drunk.

I swear to god guys fucking suck. I hate most of them. ok honestly I hate the ones I can't seem to get over. There are very few who I really enjoy liking.

Dude I'm seriously trying to figure out my issues with guys. I don't get me sometimes. *hits head against computer desk* ok nope that didn't knock any sense into me.

I wish I could see blue eyes. I just want to hug him. that's it. ok alot more then that but the hug would be nice.

I love my new fall out boy cd. it's my fucking new boyfriend. whole album fucking rocks.

Still gotta finish buyin Courtney's bday present. Gotta buy warped tour tickets.

Fucking Kelly Clarkson is here on the 24th and who isn't going to see her or meet her. yeah me. Fuck this shit...I need to fucking get my license. I swear i'm the biggest loser sometimes.

hope to see Mae on the 25th. I plan on being drunk. good thing liquor store is right across the street.
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