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ok I don't know why I chose that for a subject line but I did. So let's see...I worked today. It went by kinda fast. I had a really cute guy walk in and that made me happy. as long as I see one cute makes me happy.
I work again on wednesday and get paid on friday. seriously looking forward to it.
April's birthday on sunday. whoo!

oh so I don't know why but whatshisface was on my mind pretty much since i've woken up today until's a bitch. he's a bitch. he has bad taste in friends. fucking idiot. actually he's not so much as I am because I can't seem to shake my feelings for him. If only stupid other guy would call and i'd be so happy about him that i'd probably not think of whatshisface. urgh!

Boys are stupid. you know sometimes they get some really good stuff happen to them and fuck it all up. Ok girls do that too but boys do it more.

Dude I want a cute boy in my life....I want a certain boy in my life....fuck this bullshit...he needs to hurry up and just be with me. I know we'd be happy. hahahah i'm sucha dork.

I miss certain boys. I can't wait to see them later. ok bye!
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