Prncess220 (prncess220) wrote,

it's been forever and a day

Since i've written in here. gosh I am so sorry to those who maybe read this or to those I do read. I should update with what has been going on with me.

I GOT A JOB!!! WHOO!! I work at Big 5 sporting goods. it's fun. I work with some pretty awesome people.

I've been hanging out with my friends as much as possible. Our schedules are a bit hard for us to get together sometimes but we make it work.

I got to see MBR on valentine's day....and fall out boy on um saturday. I have pictures from those nights on my myspace. if you are my friend...most likely we are friends on myspace too. leave me comments please cause my pictures are lonely.

ok so I liked this boy for a while. He was so nice and everything but he just doesn't know how to call someone or anything. sad thing is....well he just got out of a relationship. Nothing would of happened anyways because I refuse to be a rebound. I still like whatshisface/ugly pete/my wife/emo boy/ht emoboy.
I swear he's so stupid and so am I. why are we not together? hahah!

I went on a date with Cesar on tuesday. ok we just called it a date...we aren't actually dating. We had lunch and spent some time at the beach. We both talked about how romantic it was and how we would bring our "wives" one day. hahah!

ok so here are some things i'm also looking forward to...

getting paid next friday.
buying warped tour tickets.
getting fall out boy's new album.
buying bayside's album...I still have so many cds to buy.
possibly going to fresno with court and her mom to maybe see the puppy!!
April's birthday bbq.
hanging out with the gals this saturday...hopefully!
buying some more cds.
hoping that stupid cunt bag gets hers because she has fucked with too many people that I care about.

man i'm soo sad!!! I don't think i'll be seeing Maroon 5 or kelly clarkson when they are here. only shitty tickets left and I don't know anyone who would want to go with shitty tickets. so urgh!!!
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